Hilarious Campaign Lampoons FDA’s Celibacy Rule for Gay Blood Donors

GLAAD takes on a serious issue by poking fun at the FDA.

In case you missed it, the FDA recently decided to lift a longtime ban on homosexual and bisexual men who want to donate blood; the new rules will finally allow such donations — provided the donor in question has been celibate for an entire year.

Seriously? This is progress?

In response to the new regulation, GLAAD and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis have partnered with Saatchi and Bullit director Ari Sandel to create a new campaign titled “Celibacy Challenge,” complete with a petition, hashtag (#CelibacyChallenge), and faux PSA (below), in which actor Alan Cumming helpfully suggests multiple activities one might partake in to alleviate sexual tension during a year without sex — including sculpting suggestively-shaped ceramic masterpieces, polishing phallic trophies, and popping bottles of pent-up champagne.

There is, however, another way to approach a year of FDA-mandated celibacy. As Cumming points out at the end of the spot:

“Or there’s another option: sign our petition, then share this video to pressure the FDA to change its questionnaire so donors are screened based on their exposure to risk, and not their sexual orientation.”

An eye-catching, laugh-out-loud campaign in support of a compelling petition with a purpose that promotes health and equality? We’re calling this a win; someone give these guys a trophy to (not) polish.

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