Highlights from Frank Rich’s Reddit AMA

It seems like everyone is doing an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) on Reddit nowadays. President Barack Obama did one yesterday (Republicans: He should be focusing his attention somewhere else! Democrats: He’s in touch with the youth!), and now Frank Rich, writer-at-large for New York, has done one. Below are some highlights.

How to deal with writer’s block:

Alas, there is no trick. And it’s a problem that has dogged me since I started writing under deadline for a college paper. You just have to keep going — get something down. The terror of the empty page (or computer screen) must be fought tooth-and-nail.

Why he left The New York Times for New York:

I had been thinking about stopping column writing for several years with no plan in mind for what to do next. It seems that every 15 years I get bored with what I’m doing (as I did with theater reviewing) and restless and worried about getting stale. I wanted to write longer pieces with more time for reflection and perhaps about more varied topics (witness the Nora Ephron piece), and get off the OpEd soap box. Once I started figuring out where would be the best place to do it, it was perhaps inevitable that I would go with Adam Moss.

On the art of constructing a sentence:

It’s something I really care about, can be enormously frustrating at times to get it right, but when occasionally you do get it right (or think you do), there are few things more satisfying. To me the actual writing is the most satisfying, if challenging, part of what I do.