High Times Magazine Cheats Its 40th Anniversary Date

Denver Post marijuana editor Ricardo Baca, who made a lot of headlines when he was selected for the job, has re-checked in with his High Times counterpart Chris Simunek (pictured) to talk about that magazine’s upcoming anniversary issue. And while it’s still early, FishbowlNY readers may want to start blocking out the night of Thursday Oct. 16 and currying favor, when High Times will host a big 40th anniversary bash.

EIC Simunek has no problem admitting that he tacked on a few extra months to the correct 40th-anniversary High Times date. All so the celebration can be optimally leveraged:

“The actual anniversary of the first issue was in June, I think. We’re having this in November because we wanted to keep doing stuff that builds up to it. If we put the issue out in June, and this is a publishing thing, it’s not a great-selling month for us because people have other stuff to do in the summer and we’d be missing out on half a year of anniversary promotion. We have the [November 2014] issue coming out in September. Someone’s putting out a coffee table book in October. And we’re having our 40th anniversary party October 16 in New York.”

There is all kinds of other fun info in the interview about the making of the anniversary issue. Including news of the return of discontinued cartoon “The Dope Rider” and a picture of the cover, to be printed on higher-quality foil paper and displaying a giant marijuana leaf inside the “0” of displayed numeral 40.

Simunek says he and his colleagues liked dealing with “The Dope Rider” again so much that the character is getting his own, full page in 2015. Welcome back, bro.

The November 2014 issue hits newsstands Sept. 1.

Screen grab via: chrissimunek.com