High-Speed Ticket To Ride? Columnists, Architects Debate Federal Transportation Part of Stimulus Plan

Architects, city planners and engineers are eagerly discussing just what the U.S. needs for future transportation needs. It’s a timely chat, given that the stimulus seeks to pour billions in the nation’s infrastructure. The Obama administration believes that this activity will create thousands of new jobs. It’s debatable all this will actually work, but it hasn’t stopped the New York Times from printing a story about how cash-strapped towns and villages are cutting back on public transit while use has increased, Roger K. Lewis from calling for “long-term thinking and near-term action, the kind of action being spurred by today’s economic imperatives.” Even the Midwest High-Speed Rail Association sent out a mass email on January 27 to eager rail fans. The group encouraged rail groupies to call their elected officials to rally support for a $5 billion amendment intercity passenger train amendment introduced by Representative Corrine Brown (D-Fla). The stimulus package is still a work in progress, so we’ll see how much is set aside for rails.