High School Seniors Can Win $20,000 Scholarship with a Single Tweet

2,000-word essays, no more. Now, high school students can apply for a college scholarship with a single tweet. In 140-characters or less, they have the chance to win their college tuition. And what media-savvy company is sponsoring this initiative? Finger lickin’ good KFC.

While you might not automatically equate a company that has an elderly Kentucky gentleman as a mascot with social media expertise, KFC is definitely on to something with their “Twitter scholarship”.

Beginning today and running until November 26th, the KFC Twitter scholarship challenges high school seniors to tweet a single 140-character message, including the hashtag #KFCScholar, as to why they deserve the scholarship.

Specifically, KFC is asking hopefuls to tweet “…why they exemplify Colonel Sanders’ commitment to education and enriching their communities, and why they are deserving of a college scholarship.” This Twitter scholarship is part of the KFC Colonel’s Scholars which awards more than 75 scholarships to students across the country.

The winner will receive $5,000 per year up to four years to attend an accredited college or university in his or her home state.

The traditional scholarship application requires lots of hard work. Drafting essays, application forms, mailing, emailing… but this Twitter scholarship is a simple 140-character submission, and could even be drafted on a mobile phone while on the bus to school.

Although it could be argued that a Twitter scholarship is much less work than a traditional application, we think it is illustrative of the direction that media is headed. Essays will always be important to determine how badly a student wants a scholarship, but there is a certain skill in saying a lot in 140-characters or less, too.