High on Life: David All’s ‘Rug’ Poem

If you’ve been following along with his tweets and personal Tumblr, you’ll know that David All, founder of the now-shuttered digital communications firm, the David All Group, is a new man. A man of art, creativity and positive energy. Or he’s on something.

On Sunday, All posted an unbearably long epic poem to his Facebook using rugs as a theme.

An excerpt:

This is our mission. Our reason already won. By calling it out. And gathering as one.

We can do it together each person their part. Using their superpowers to transform the world they live in.

But it starts with a Rug a symbol in the park of where to gather

The temporary art handmade by the artisan

But rugs have always been the symbol that pulls communities together

It has been “liked” five times.

To make matters more bizarre, All posted an audio version of the poem to another site, with himself reading it. It lasts for 12 minutes, though a few seconds are spent only on All coughing and clearing his throat.

Since closing down David All Group… he created a short-lived social networking smartphone application called Crumbly. It launched in October and shut down in early 2013. He now lives in San Francisco where he’s, according to his Tumblr, “in the process of creating” his next company.

In addition to that, he spends his time tweeting whimsical things (“Juice is love. Red, yellow and green peppers, blood orange, Fuji apple, cilantro and Meyer lemon…”) and updating his Tumblr. His tweets often include the hash tag “GiftingRug.” This, judging by his Tumblr, is simply a place he meets with friends and others at a local park where they sing and do other fun-loving things.

“The #GiftingRug is a place to sit. To feel the warmth. Safe. Happy. Home,” a Tumblr post from last week says. “The #GiftingRug is a platform to stand and be seen. To express the gift within.”

All of this from a guy who was once called “Karl Rove 2.0.”

We’ve requested comment from All.

A photo of the “Gifting Rug” space, uploaded to All’s Instagram account.