Vimeo Releases First Foray Into Original Content

Vimeo has released its first original programming -- the critically acclaimed web series 'High Maintenance.'

high maintenance

High Maintenance

Today, Vimeo released the results of its first investment in original content, the web series “High Maintenance.” The first 13 episodes are available on the video-sharing website for free, but viewers will have to pay up to watch the new episodes that are produced with Vimeo funding.

The series centers around a Brooklyn-based cannabis dealer (“The Guy”), whose line of work brings him into the lives of his eclectic clientele. Created by husband and wife team Ben Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld, the series earned high praise when it was self-funded. While Sinclair modestly declared, “We have no reason to believe that any of the new episodes will be worse than the ones that came before,” initial reactions are very positive.

Three episodes have been released today, which cost $1.99 each to watch. Viewers have the option of paying $7.99 for six episodes (three more are being released in January). Users aren’t paying to buy the episodes — the money allows them to “rent” the videos for one year. While fans of the show may be irked to have to pay for something that was once free, the new episodes reflect an increased investment.

At a screening of the new episodes, a fan asked Sinclair what he had been doing with “all that Vimeo money,” reported The New York Times. “It’s what we’ve been doing, plus,” he said.

Check out the trailer below: