High Line Curator Lauren Ross Leaves for Level Ground at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa

With the second section of the High Line officially opening today (trendy bar and all), there’s a touch of bittersweet-ness sure to be affecting the Friends of the High Line organization. This week, the group announced the departure of its in-house curator, Lauren Ross, who will be leaving for greener pastures on far less elevated ground, as she takes over as the curator of modern and contemporary art at the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sure, it might not be as fashionable as New York, but at least they also have ample gardens to wander through. Here’s a bit about Ross’ accomplishments while working with the High Line:

In the past two years, Lauren has played an integral role in developing the arts program. Some of the projects she brought to the High Line include a sculpture by Valerie Hegarty, Richard Galpin‘s interactive sculpture/viewer, a photography/performance project by Demetrius Oliver, and Kim Beck‘s rooftop sculptures, among others. Lauren will stay at the High Line through mid-June to oversee the debut of new works by Sarah Sze, Julianne Swartz, and the re-creation of Roof Piece, the seminal dance performance by Trisha Brown Dance Company.