High 5 Games acquires Electrotank in aqui-hire deal

High 5 Games has announced that it has acquired game studio, Electrotank, Inc from its company blog. The terms of the acquisition have High 5 Games claiming all of Electrotank’s assets and intellectual property as well as welcome the Electrotank team to the company.

The two companies have worked together in the past with Electrotank assisting in bringing High 5 Games land-based slot games onto the Facebook gaming platform.

Besides developing games, Electrotank also provides social game development tools such as ElectroServer, the most robust real-time multiplayer networking engine for various platforms. By acquiring Electrotank, High 5 Games might access a much larger user base. For example, its Facebook game, High 5 Casino is the highest rated social casino on Facebook. With over 1.3 million monthly active users and 430,000 daily active users, High 5 Games may look to venture into mobile iterations of its most popular games.

According to AppData, High 5 Games has maintained a steady increase of MAU over the past year. Bringing the game to mobile will only increase the number of MAUs and could potential provide a steeper increase in DAUs.


It seems as if High 5 Games is still interested in building its developer team as mentioned by the COO, Med Nadooshan. “We will continue to look for opportunities of this kind to improve upon our position as a premier content provider,” said Med Nadooshan, COO of High 5 Games in a statement. “High 5 Games’ growth strategy will allow the company to aggressively pursue potential new ventures and rapidly expand into untapped markets.”