Hiding Amongst The Hipsters

We may not need Vice’s Gavin McInnes to join the hunt for Osama after all. Famed restaurant critic and author Mimi Sheraton wrote Fishbowl with her suspicions that the one to discover his hiding place will come from the ranks of Frank Bruni, Adam Platt and herself:

“Forget China. Anyone up on the current restaurant frenzy in New York knows that Bin Laden is more likely to be found in the vicinity of Rivington and Ludlow streets on the Lower East Side, preparing to open a restaurant. Hiding in plain sight, he will call it Osama’s Cave (I mean, who would think…?) and will feature an Iranian and Syrian-informed menu. Food will be served in the traditional manner with guests seated on dirt floors around tables, dipping into communal mezes to indicate that no one fears being poisoned. There will be no liquor and, to deflect whatever suspicion there might be, the place will be glatt kosher. There will be no sign outside the restaurant. You’ll have to find Osama’s Cave the hard way.”

And Bruni will give it the obligatory one star.