Hidden LA Sues Los Angeles Magazine Over Borrowed Moniker

Hidden Los Angeles, the popular Facebook page and website dedicated to our town’s lesser-known treasures, has slapped Los Angeles magazine with a trademark infringement lawsuit, reports LA Observed. Hidden LA’s complaint is with the magazine’s February issue and its “Hidden LA” theme, featuring “73 secret spots in the city.” The magazine also ran a Lexus Hidden LA sweepstakes and a private Hidden LA dinner event.

Los Angeles first published a “Hidden LA” themed issue in 2011, prompting Hidden LA founder W. Lynn Garrett to have a sit-down with the mag’s publisher, Mary Meltonleaving Garrett with the impression it wouldn’t happen again. This time around, she decided a sit-down wasn’t enough and filed suit.  “I am not by nature a litigious person,” Garrett wrote on the Hidden LA facebook page. “I was left with no choice. A legally registered trademark is only as good as your steady enforcement of it.”

Garrett spoke with Kevin Roderick of LA Observed about the lawsuit, saying:

Emmis Publishing’s actions have been more disappointing to me than anything… There are just so many adjectives to choose from. They just really haven’t left me much choice but to protect the community I’ve worked so hard to build from scratch. There comes a time where you can’t just let bullies walk over you as though you have no value… Hidden LA means something to me (and fortunately to a lot of other people too). It represents more than just a simple word choice.

February wasn’t all bad for Hidden LA, though. Garrett appeared mid-month in an episode of The Today Show, sharing Los Angeles trivia with viewers.