Hidden Chronicles finds its way to Facebook’s top 5 Hidden Object games

Hidden object games on Facebook aren’t nearly as prevalent as farm or citybuilding sims, but they’re gaining ground among monthly and daily active users. Two of April’s top 25 Facebook games were from the genre: Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles (at No. 3 in MAU and No. 4 in DAU) and Disney Playdom’s Gardens of Time (at No. 23 in MAU and No. 21 in DAU). Here’s a look the top five hidden object on Facebook games by traffic.

Editor’s Note: Facebook is currently experiencing data reporting delays for MAU and DAU numbers since April 5, 2012. Facebook is working to resolve this issue and we’ve backdated our traffic analysis to April 5, 2012.

1. Hidden Chronicles, Zynga — 33.4 Million MAU, 6.2 Million DAU

Zynga’s Hidden Chronicles quickly became one of the company’s top-performing titles when it launched in January. Traffic peaked at 33.4 million MAU on Feb. 22, 2012 and has been in decline for the past couple of months. The game’s DAU shows a different pattern, however, with a number of gains and drops. Between March 21 and March 22, Hidden Chronicles spiked to 7.4 million DAU, nearly matching its February 10 peak of 7.5 million DAU. It’s now back down to 6.2 million DAU.

Hidden Chronicles asks players to solve the mystery of their uncle’s disappearance, uncovering clues as they play through various painted hidden object scenes. Players are also tasked with restoring their uncle’s mansion with items purchased from the in-game store and unlocking new areas to explore by earning trophies and reaching other milestones like accumulating a certain amount of soft currency and clues. These milestones and  the online leaderboards encourage players to replay scenes in order, and Zynga also seems to be getting on the player-created content bandwagon, as the company held a contest in February to let players design scenes that would be included in the game.

As the most recent game to launch on this list, Hidden Chronicles features many of the same monetization techniques that other hidden object titles use: Players are encouraged to purchase hard currency in order to replenish energy, bypass milestones and acquire premium vanity items for the manor grounds. Note that the game also benefits from Zynga’s massive cross-promotion network and is playable on Zynga’s recently launched platform.

2. Gardens of Time, Playdom — 5.8 Million MAU, 1.3 Million DAU

Disney Playdom’s Gardens of Time continues to bring in high traffic numbers, even though its past its 17.2 million MAU prime seen in September 2011, at just 5.8 million MAU as of April 5. The game’s DAU has dropped from its 4 million peak from August 2011 to 1.3 million DAU.

Gardens of Time casts players as agents recruited by the Time Society, which sends them on missions throughout history to find clues, solve mysteries and prevent other groups from abusing time travel for their own gain. Hidden object gameplay takes place on various painted historiogeographic scenes, including Victorian England and Ancient Egypt. There’s also a citybuilding/decoration mechanic courtesy of the Time Garden, which players are encouraged to expand as the game progresses.

Monetization occurs via hard currency, which can be used to speed up production on vanity pieces and purchase energy in order to continue playing through hidden object scenes.

3. Blackwood & Bell Mysteries, Playdom — 2.2 Million MAU, 430,000 DAU

Blackwood & Bell is Playdom’s first spiritual successor to Gardens of Time. The game launched in March of 2012 and hit peaks of 2.5 million MAU and 510,000 DAU in that same month. The game now claims 2.2 million MAU and 430,000 fDAU.