Is The Hidden Cash Twitter Hunt Happening In Your City?

Is The Hidden Cash Twitter Hunt Happening In Your City

Have you found an envelope stuffed with cash lately? If not, your chances of coming into some money are increasing every day, as the hidden cash Twitter trend sweeps across at least half a dozen major cities.

Last week, the @HiddenCash Twitter account popped up and started tweeting clues directing followers to locations around San Francisco. The first lucky tweeter to find the spot was rewarded with a hidden envelope full of cash. @HiddenCash then moved to Los Angeles to continue his mission of goodwill down the coast.

And while the identity of the benevolent, scavenger hunt-loving, cash-laden person behind @HiddenCash remains anonymous, his deeds have inspired a host of similar Robin Hood types around the US and the world.

Chicago has its own @HiddenCashChi account, which burst to life on Memorial Day, and Tampa has @HiddenCashTPA. In Canada, at least two major cities, Toronto and Vancouver, have seen their own Twitter cash giveaways (with one intrepid businessman leveraging the trend for marketing purposes). And the trend has even spread across the pond to the UK, with the @LDNHiddenCash Twitter account focusing on London and the @HiddenCashUK account giving away cash around the country.

While some are cynically calling the whole phenomenon an as-yet unknown marketing ploy, many of the interviews with lucky hidden cash winners revealed that they went on to use the cash to pay it forward, by buying coffee or treats for others.

(Buried money image via Shutterstock)