Hiatus for New York Nonstop’s All Night with Joey Reynolds

It’s been just over three months since veteran broadcaster Joey Reynolds tried a return to TV, a medium in which he worked a little  earlier in his career. His show–All Night with Joey Reynolds– airs at midnight on WNBC’s digital channel New York Nonstop. In a way, it’s an extension of his long overnight radio work with WOR that ended last year.

Now, the show is on a hiatus. Show producer Myra Chanin says the program will return “soon.” Chanin tells FishbowlNY that she thinks the show will be back on the air “within a week or two.”

The show is already off the air since Thursday morning with no rerun playing in its place.
There has been speculation, including by the show’s announcer/sidekick and occasional WCBS-FM DJ “Big” Jay Sorensen, saying that the program is on a “vacation hiatus.” Sorensen worked with Reynolds at WNBC-AM in the 1980s.

From the outset, Reynolds, much like Howard Stern did famously when he worked at 30 Rock, has bitten the hand, or more specifically, the channel that feeds him.

Reynolds would dwell on the problems encountered by viewers trying to find New York Nonstop on their cable box. One night, he started the show reciting a list of numbers, then pausing Reynolds told the audience that those weren’t the winning Lotto numbers–they were the channel numbers to find the New York Nonstop.

Just last week,  in the opening moments, Reynolds was somewhat miffed at his staffers.

“You’re going to sit and talk while I do this,” Reynolds said looking off camera. “It’s the only show I’ve ever been on in my life where I’m on the air and someone else is in the background doing their own little thing.”

Moments later, Reynolds said NBC Local Media wants to start taking a ratings survey of his show.

“How stupid. We know that nobody’s watching,” Reynolds shot back.

Despite the lack of viewers, the show did assemble an eclectic group of guests. Usually his show is a training ground for newcomers, or at least those new to a TV audience. Reynolds has brought on singers and groups to perform. But comedians take a special shine to Reynolds. Several have acted as official “co-host” or “sidekick” sitting with him and other guests during the two-hour broadcast.

Recently, WFUV weekend host Pete Fornatale, the legendary WNEW-FM DJ, was on the “panel.” While attempting to have a fun, intelligent conversation, the comic constantly chimed in with a punchline, as a comic would. But to the viewer (especially one waiting on every word from Fornatale), it was quite frustrating.

FishbowlNY attempted to reach a WNBC spokeswoman for a comment regarding the show’s status.