Hi5, MySpace platforms gaining steam

Although it’s only been a few weeks since te Hi5 Platform launched (and MySpace’s Platform hasn’t even officially launched yet), developers are seeing big new growth – especially on Hi5.

hi5 app invitesApplications have been growing quickly since the Hi5 Platform opened to all users 2 weeks ago.  Eric Eldon reports that RockYou’s SuperFive app has been installed over 2 million times during that period – numbers that rival the “wild west” days following the launch of the Facebook Platform almost one year ago. Hi5, in an effort to preserve equality amongst developers in the early days of the Platform, is still ordering apps in the Hi5 gallery randomly, and not showing install counts in the gallery at all.

Meanwhile, the MySpace platform team has been busy building a new viral mechanism of their own — Post To. Post To allows apps to send content directly to different parts of a user’s profile page, where it can be discovered by their friends. Check out this sample application from the MySpace team which illustrates how Post To and other MySpace viral channels work. However, while many apps are live in the MySpace application gallery, the fully featured MySpace platform is still yet to launch.

While the Facebook Platform undergoes a chapter of maturity, the Hi5 and MySpace platforms are just getting going. We’ll keep close track of how developers are faring as each platform evolves.