hi5 Teams with Mochi Media for More Money-Making Games

hi5 is extending its Games section by partnering with Mochi Media, the online games network. After launching Games earlier this year, hi5 is quickly expanding on its gaming portal, incorporating several new entertainment options for users and more revenue options for itself.
As with its own native games, those offered through the partnership with Mochi media will take advantage of the recently launched hi5 Coins, the social network’s virtual currency. While users will not be able to use hi5 Coins for direct transactions, there are plans for future options of purchasing downloadable games, challenging friends, accessing premium game content and status upgrades.

The use of hi5 Coins for the new games is of course beneficial to hi5 as well as Mochi Media. This tactic also touches on several segments of the direct pay spectrum, appealing to users that enjoy individual play, offline play, premium features and content as well as social gaming capabilities. This is a smart approach to integrated gaming options, and greatly extends the revenue-generating potential of Mochi Media itself.
We’ve seen such potential from many of the platform-upon-platform companies that have created a network of games to operate on Facebook and other open platforms across other social networks. This format works for advertising as well, though ads don’t leverage the direct payment options of end users. Nevertheless, it’s clear that hi5 is really looking to its users for the growth of its own monetization channels, turning to companies like Mochi Media to provide additional content as well.
While hi5 launched Games without much help from outside developers, the inclusion of Mochi Media really sets the stage for how hi5 can continue to encourage third parties to create or adapt content for the hi5 platform.
Everything hi5 has been doing regarding its virtual currency since last December has been building on the groundwork hi5 has initiated for empowering other developers, brands and marketers to participate in a socially engaging environment. As the options for the virtual currency grow, so too will the marketplace hi5 is setting up, which could eventually become a self-sustained portal for businesses and users alike.