Interview: hi5 President Alex St. John Discusses Sumo, Avatars and Facebook [Video]

At last week’s Casual Connect the first day had people atwitter about the Facebook vs. hi5 sumo match up later that evening.  This was part of some ingenious marketing from the hi5 team, and they were looking to publicize the fact that their new development platform is ready to take on Facebook and establish hi5 as a truly great place to develop games.  I got to sit down with Alex St. John, the former founder of WildTangent and now CTO and President of hi5, about his plans for the site.  Check out the video after the jump.

Check out our interview with Alex below, and let us know what you think in the comments.

hi5 President and CTO Alex St. John Explains How hi5 Rocks for Games from Neil Vidyarthi on Vimeo.

Now, if you’re also interested in his sumo exploits, hi5 was kind enough to send us the video trailer and I’ve attached it below :)  I was at the event and have got to say it was a good one.

Check out hi5 here.