Meet The Social Times Team: Hi, I'm Megan & I'm A Web Video Addict

Hi, I’m Megan O’Neill and I’m the resident web video enthusiast here at Social Times. You’ll find me posting about everything from the latest viral videos to breaking news about online video sites like YouTube and Hulu, the future of the online video industry, and tips to help you create and promote your own online videos successfully. I thought I’d take this opportunity to say hello and nice to meet you, and tell you a little bit about myself and why I am so passionate about video on the web.

I started studying video production back in 2000 – before there was YouTube, and before user-created web video began to take off. The most popular “online videos” at the time were weird Flash animations like All Your Base Are Belong To Us and The Hamster Dance. Though I was a video production student, the idea of uploading my videos to the web to share with my friends and family at home never dawned on me – it was a completely foreign concept. However, in the years since my graduation, Vimeo and YouTube have launched and viral video has taken the web by storm. I think it is incredibly inspiring to see how much this industry has grown in such a short time, how web video continues to influence the way in which we consume news and entertainment, and how sites like YouTube and Vimeo have given people from all walks of life the ability to reach an audience of millions.
I had been tinkering around with web video for a few years, creating, posting and promoting my own videos when my brother, Social Times founder Nick O’Neill, asked me if I’d like to start writing about web video on the Social Times blog. I am so glad I agreed – for the last few months, since I began writing for Social Times, I have become completely immersed in the world of web video and I love it. My goal here at Social Times is to get to know the online video industry as completely as possible, including the most popular viral videos, the key companies and people, the breaking news, and what it takes to make great web video content. Of course, I’ll be sharing all my findings with you and please feel free to give me feedback. Let me know if there is something you’d like to read more of, or if there’s an exciting story that you think I should cover. On a side note, I’ll also be covering news, start-ups and events in the social media-sphere in Israel, as I am based in Tel Aviv.
Aside from writing at Social Times I also make web videos. Last year, I created a series of ‘This Week In Facebook’ news videos for, as well as a video about Facebook privacy, and I have worked on a number of videos for Social Times as well. Check out my reel below, and again, feel free to send me any suggestions for improvement or ideas for videos that you think would be a good fit for Social Times. Thanks for reading!