Hi-Fi Public Messaging App Updated With Private Conversations

The Hi-Fi messaging app now allows users to base their conversations around private hashtags.


Life in Hi-Fi has released the latest version of its Hi-Fi messaging app on iOS devices. The app is described as a mobile lifestyle network, and encourages users to join group chats based on public hashtags, called TagTopics. With this latest update, Private TagTopics join the mix, giving users a way to have private conversations in the same way they would chat with a crowd.

Hi-FiWith Hi-Fi, users select their personal interests, from music and beaches to sports, finance and more. Each of these overall categories is broken into TagTopics, which users can create themselves. These TagTopics can be followed just as one would bookmark a forum thread, or, again, users can create their own.

When creating a TagTopic, or posting any content to an existing thread, users can share text, links, photos, videos or gifs. With the new Private TagTopics functionality, users can lock their topics to only those they invite. For instance, sharing images of a trip to the beach might be fair game for public viewing under the #Beach TagTopic, but a personal birthday party might be better suited to a Private TagTopic, which only friends and family can view.

Within a topic, each individual post can be liked, commented on or reposted to another fitting topic. As a social network, users can view others’ profiles and posts, created and bookmarked TagTopics and friends list. Users can follow others, and can explore new TagTopics and users to follow via the app’s Discover menu.

In a statement, Life in Hi-Fi founder and CEO, Winder Hughes, commented on the app:

Now there is a new experience that integrates all of your public and private communications in one place. The introduction of private hashtags provides instant and convenient communication and collaboration between friends, family, colleagues and lifestyle groups. Some of our users even refer to us as “Slack for social.” For today’s mobile lifestyle, by harnessing the tremendous power of the hashtag, Hi-Fi is greatly enhancing and simplifying how we socialize and communicate.

Hi-Fi is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.