HeyHey Audio Social Network Launches on iOS

heyhey 650

Micro-podcasting app HeyHey has officially rolled out to users in the US, after a launch in Chile in 2013. The social app allows users to record up to ten seconds of audio per post, and share those recordings to the app’s newsfeed, or other popular social media platforms.

With HeyHey, users record their audio, and can tweak its sound before posting it. This includes slowing the track down or speeding it up, making its pitch higher or lower, or adding sound effects, like applause, drums, a tire squeal and more. When they’re satisfied, their post can be shared with other HeyHey users within the app, or posted out to Facebook or Twitter.

Posts can be tagged to separate them from others, with some users utilizing HeyHey as an advertising medium for their businesses or careers (like a singer or comedian posting short clips of their work). Regardless of the purpose, posts can be liked, commented on and reposted. The app offers both “trending” and “highlights” sections for finding the best clips posted to the app, or simply discovering new people to follow.

“We wanted to create a space where users could share unique, thoughtful content in a simple audio format,” said Sebastián Zegers, co-creator of HeyHey. “After years of experience in the advertising industry, we learned the value of audio as a communication medium.”

Since the app’s launch on iOS earlier this month, it’s been downloaded by more than 6,000 users. HeyHey is available to download for free.