Hey! You’ve got to hide your sumptuousness away

Thank goodness for idle media catch-up time or we would certainly have missed this little gem. Kudos to CJR Daily‘s Liz Cox Barrett for catching this, a singular NYT justification for granting anonymity, courtesy of – what else? – Sunday Styles:

And so, Birnbach reports after quoting one New York mom: “This mother would speak only if her name did not appear in the newspaper, a condition also demanded by most of the others interviewed for this article. It is not that the vacation plans of privileged Manhattanites are sensitive matters of national security. But the families did not want to expose themselves to envy, or even ridicule, because of the sumptuousness of their lives.” (Emphasis ours.)

“If you use my name, they’ll make fun of me” [CJR]

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