Hey Recently Laid Off LATers – The Journalism Shop is Open for Business

jshop logo temp2 08.02.0933.jpg
In the wake of the slaughter fest that is the LA Times this week/month/year, we would like to remind everyone former LAT staffers have banded together to help each other weather the storm. They call it The Journalism Shop, where laid off LAT journalist put up ads making themselves available for work and also learn techie skills in new media. Refurbished reporters. It’s not like a used car lot, it’s more like the place in Silver Lake that sells Mercedes they’ve converted into veggie cars. Meaning: it’s a clearing house of talent, yes, but it’s also a place where seasoned journalists can learn some new tricks. And new gigs. News gigs, in fact.

They’re actually getting some decent work. Like paying gigs and everything. Brett Levy, who runs the site tells us,”We’re trying to get jobs from people who demand high quality and are willing to pay for it.”

We hear they are launching a blog in the next week to keep track of the successes. Already there is a Facebook group of who’s working.

They’ve been operating for two months now. Levy tells us they’re considering launching sites for other journalists, not just those from the LAT.

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