Hey Mediaite: Cite Much?

We’re usually friendly with our media acquaintances over at Mediaite, the New York-based site run by Dan Abrams. But today they blatantly steal a post FishbowlDC ran first on Saturday afternoon on FNC’s Bret Baier’s rapping at The Bob Hope Classic golf tourney Friday night.

No citation. No nothing. They run a story/video of the Friday night rap performance 48 hours later and call it their own, hat-tipping a website called “Chickaboomer” that also came late to the dance and ran an item on Baier’s rapping Monday morning.

Really Mediaite?

> Update: We thank Mediaite for also pointing out that Politico and Media Matters ran 48-hour late stories on Baier’s rapping and didn’t cite FBDC either. We conclude that they’re in the wrong as well. We also thank Mediaite‘s Colby Hall for correcting the matter on the website. See the link here.

> Update: To the intelligent readers of this site: By “steal,” no, we don’t mean that Mediaite broke into homes and stole television sets in a burglar’s uniform. This is a metaphor. We believe Mediaite behaved carelessly in the creation of their post. We believe they have corrected it. That’s all.

(No link to the others. We don’t link to thieves.)