Hey Look! It’s The Whites of their Eyes

KevinRoderick.jpgKevin Roderick, who has done a formidable job on LA Observed, blogging everything from KCRW DJ Chris Douridas’s cocaine possession charges to the pulchritude of our ass is bringing on some LA media heavies to help beef up the site.

In adding names like Denise Hamilton, Bob Baker, Mark Lacter, David Davis, David Neiman, Bruce Feirstein, Cari Beauchamp, Eric Estrin and Veronique de Turenne to the masthead, Roderick is acknowledging that blogs are coming into their own as a medium.

“This seemed like the right time to expand a bit in content and ambition,” he writes. “Adding these voices could be a giant step forward for LA Observed as an independent journal of reporting, observation and opinion about the metropolis where we all live. Or, of course, it could be a bust. But I don’t think so.”

We may be competitors, but here’s to ya.