Mattel Shushes F-Bomb Barbie


NSFW or Home

Imagine that you are the dedicated parent of a sweet seven-year-old girl. Quite naturally, the girl can’t walk past a toy aisle without jonesin’ for a Barbie. While visions of brushing her fake locks of blond love dance in her head, you examine the price tags in disbelief.

Then you grab the new Talkin’ Barbie, much to your daughter’s delight. Good times.

Following the 38 minutes it takes to rescue Talkin’ Barbie from her plastic bondage, your daughter hits the button and you hear “What the F*ck!” Quite naturally, you rush to wash that sweet girl’s mouth out with soap … and then she tells you it was the doll.

This is (allegedly) a true story.

According to the Daily Mail (UK), Talina Evans, 25, decided to thwart any more begging from her daughter Demileigh, 7, for the new Barbie. For months, the girl wouldn’t shut up kept insisting her mother consider the purchase.

The doll is programmed to say 15 different phrases, including ‘Amaze’, ‘I love a makeover’, ‘There is no substitute for glitter’, and ‘To the salon!’. But Ms Evans, who is currently pregnant with her second child, said she was left mortified when she claims to have heard the doll swear.

She lost the receipt, so no refund for the potty-mouthed princess. The Mail contacted Mattel about this PR flub, and you may consider two points for the attempted spin here:

It is believed the doll is actually programmed to say ‘Off the hook’ but, because of an unfortunate sound problem, it has been misheard by a number of customers as the foul-mouthed exclamation.

Evans swears that the doll cussed (no pun intended…well, maybe a little), so she told her daughter that “the doll had been bad and was swearing so it had to go.”

Can’t wait for the new Ken modeled after George Carlin.