Hey Bush, wanna beer?

In today’s White House Briefing, Dan Froomkin hits on several interesting topics:

  • Apparently, Scott McClellan wasn’t sufficiently humiliated when he uttered “blame game” far too many times a few weeks back. Yesterday, McClellan beat home the words “focus” and “lessons” when referring to Katrina.

  • “Will any member of the White House press corps risk scorn from McClellan — and maybe even mockery from colleagues — by asking the press secretary to set the record straight about what appears to be an utterly scurrilous report in the National Enquirer that Bush is hitting the booze again? Some brave soul should.”

  • Froomkin discusses last night excellent summation of the White House press briefings by Jon Stewart (anyone have a clip somewhere?). Stewart: “Think of them as America’s three-year-olds. And taken together, their questions give an illusion of tenacity.”