Hey Baby. What’s Your New Sign?

Have you checked to see if you’ve been reading the right horoscope?  Did you get the correct sign tattooed on your skin?  The Twittersphere went bananas with confusion over the new Zodiac sign, ‘Ophiuchus’, last week.

It was recently brought to the attention of the public that astrologers ought to include the 13th constellation (Ophiuchus) in their horoscopes;  which changes the cutoff date of every other Zodiac sign.  So, under the ‘new’ guidelines, many Scorpios should begin referring to themselves as Libras; and everyone should follow suit – depending on where the sun passes on their birthday.

This is news to Twitter.  But scientists have known all along. I could explain it…

But why listen to me pretend I have know this for years?  Let us listen to the sweet sound of Bill Nye (the world’s most charming science guy) explain it to us in this video.

This is postmodernism at its finest.  Take something that millions of people believe to be true.  Then give it the old, “just kidding guys!”  Astrologers say they have accounted for the shift in their predictions.  But those who believe in it seem pretty upset and confused.  And what are people tweeting in regards to the new zodiac?  They’re dropping loads of eff bombs! They’re expressing hate over their new star sign.  And they are making tons of jokes.

Check out some of the ‘family-friendly’ reactions to the news on Twitter:

9.  The Big Squeeze

I guess everyone with a Zodiac tattoo needs to get a new tattoo underneath that says, ‘OOPS”.

8.  Wrong-O

This is what people seem to be so upset about – a mistaken identity.  I hope this means I’m not actually a huge dweeb!

7.  The Best of Both Worlds

Now, when you read your horoscope, if you don’t like what it says, just take someone else’s!

6.  Decorating The New Office

Sometimes, you move into a new apartment; and you realize the previous tenant dropped a $5 bill behind the fridge.  May your new sign be full of many metaphorical $5 bills!

5.  Anger!

This seems to be the general consensus…  We had to include this one because it is very similar to most of the posts – but a little less vulgar.

4.  Ophiuchus!

People seem so bothered by the new sign.  It’s like that guy who wasn’t invited to the party.  He shows up; and then he asks if he can crash on your couch.

3.  Fail

I wish people still used the pickup line, “What’s your sign”.  So many people would respond, “I have no flippin’ clue anymore.”

2.  The Top TweetSwag!

The hilarity of this one speaks for itself.  Well played, sir!

1.  Stephen Colbert Gives His Two Cents

Colbert tweeted this during a segment about the new sign, as the episode aired.

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