Hey Award-Givers, If You Love Cameron Sinclair So Much Why Don’t You Marry Him


This is all getting a little ridiculous with the Cameron Sinclair awards, although it is heartwarming given that he signs his emails “eternal optimist.” Glass is always half-full for Cameron, founder of Architecture for Humanity, and now it looks like it might be inching up towards at least 50%. News just came in that he’s won the RISD/Target Emerging Designer Awards, which were announced at the Athena Awards two nights ago. And of course, because he [REDACTED] (rhymes with bears),

Upon receiving the award, Sinclair said, “it’s only fitting that half of this prize money goes to getting families back into their homes in Biloxi, Mississippi, and the other half to developing earthquake-resistant housing in Kashmir.”

Yeah, um, we’ll have what he’s having.