Hewitt Attacks Corn in the Most ‘Mean Girls’ Way Possible

"I mean, they hurt you badly when they dumped you"

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.55.36 PMYesterday, Mother Jones’ DC Bureau chief, David Corn, joined Hugh Hewitt on his show for an “interview” to discuss his recently published article, “Bill O’Reilly Has His Own Brian Williams Problem.”

Throughout most of the discussion, Hewitt questioned Corn’s credibility. But Hewitt’s dickery did not stop there. At 27 minutes in, Hewitt implied that Corn’s motives for publishing the Bill O’Reilly piece were anything but pure.

“A lot of people say ‘oh c’mon Corn. You’re just mad at FOX, and you’re going after O’Reilly, and you’ve gotta grudge.’ That’s what I heard. You gotta grudge cause you got dumped!”

Hewitt then asked Corn about FOX’s viewership in comparison to MSNBC, “But the audience for FOX is how many times bigger than the audience of MSNBC, David? Really?”

“Wh-wh-what does that have to do with anything?” replies a baffled Corn.

Channeling his inner Regina George, Hewitt responds: “Well, it has to do with all the monetization of the David Corn byline. I mean, they hurt you badly when they dumped you. You have a motive to go after FOX.”

“I think I’ve made all the points I can get through with you here,” as Corn threatens to hang up, “I don’t think you’ve been fair. I don’t think you challenged Bill O’Reilly‘s credibility or his motivations for telling stories about his war period over what he says now. You probably didn’t ask him, I don’t remember now if you did, if it was appropriate to say that another journalist should be put into the kill zone, which he said about me.”

In almost 50 minutes of discussion, the two argued over everything — from ISIS to Corn’s Polk Award — but rarely was the O’Reilly story itself discussed. Corn, finally having enough of Hewitt, eventually hung up on the show.

Listen to the audio, courtesy of the Hugh Hewitt Show.