He’s Apparently Had Eyes This Whole Time: Karl Lagerfeld Photographed Without Sunglasses

You can tell that either the celebrity in question has made it so large that he now exists on another plane away from we ordinary man, or that, outside of American politics, it’s been a pretty slow, summer news week. Decide for yourself as you react to the news that this week fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld was photographed without wearing his sunglasses. Are you shocked? Are you hyperventilating as you click over to Google News to check out the more than 40 news outlets (well, make that 41 now) that, at the time of this writing, had breathlessly reported as much? Or can you somehow, perhaps because you’re gifted mentally, imagine Karl Lagerfeld without his sunglasses by simply picturing him with normal looking eyes instead of a pair of sunglasses? Whatever camp you fall into, let us all remember where we were when this happened and what we were doing, because this is the sort of thing you tell your grandchildren. And then when they ask, “Who is Karl Lagerfeld?” you can answer, “He was a guy who wore gloves and made plot-less ice cream commercials.” They should understand immediately thereafter and be filled with a glowing reverence for all you have experienced.