Hervé Van der Straeten Keeps It Cool at Dallas Art Fair

So many art fairs, so little time. Between Armory week and the highly anticipated New York debut of Frieze comes the fourth annual Dallas Art Fair, which opens to the public on Friday the 13th, tornadoes be damned. Triskaidekaphobics will want to make a beeline (avoiding black cats and ladders!) for the VIP lounge, where superstition-dulling champagne from lead sponsor Ruinart will be flowing freely, chilled in “Miroir” ice buckets freshly commissioned from designer Hervé Van der Straeten. Manufactured by Christofle, the fetching vessels are silver-plated and angular, a bubbly contrast to the signature smooth lines and golden hue of Ruinart bottles. “I wanted to create a conversation between the bottle and the object,” said Van der Straeten in a statement announcing the collaboration, “like a dialogue between the light, the mirror, and the reflections.” The ice buckets were created in a limited edition of 50, but Van der Straeten also whipped up a matching coaster—look for it in “fine wine retailers” worldwide in a special gift pack, as if you need another reason to visit a fine wine retailer.