Herotainment Preps to Launch Mighty Smighties Card Battle Game on iOS

Mighty SmightiesHerotainment is placing the finishing touches on its multiplayer collectible card game, Mighty Smighties, on iOS devices. The game will allow players to collect critters called Smighties, and then take them into single-player missions or real-time player-vs-player battles. The game combines these card battles with a match-three experience for additional gameplay.

Players will begin Mighty Smighties by choosing and customizing a Smighty to represent them in battle. From there, players head into battle, where they’ll defeat enemy players by choosing cards from their deck, with a major focus on each card’s element. To be specific, each card has an elemental affinity, including light, water, air, earth and magic. These relate to each other in a “rock, paper, scissors” mechanic, with light being stronger than water, water being stronger than air, and so on.

When each player chooses a card, the elements are compared and the winner receives a token for the winning element. The game ends when players collect tokens for three different elements, or three or the same kind of token. In addition to elemental affinities, a card’s strength number or rarity may also help determine the winner. For example, when two earth cards are played, the elemental is the same, so the winner is determined by the strength number in the corner of each card.

After multiplayer battles (against either friends or random opponents), if players are victorious, they’re allowed to spin a wheel for a prize, like coins (called Silver Tokens). Gamers will also receive free cards as they play, or can purchase additional cards in the game’s store (using free or premium currency). While players can collect lots of cards, they only take a small number into each battle, so players are encouraged to swap cards as they collect new units in order to keep this group as strong as it possibly can be.Mighty SmightiesTo help players ensure their team is strong, they can fuse lesser cards (even of different affinities) into a card they’d like to keep. This is done in a match-three mode, where players have 45 seconds to create as many matches as possible by tapping on groups of three or more touching, like-colored symbols on a board. The more matches they activate, the more strength points are added to the final card. It should be noted this combination functionality requires energy to perform, which is also used to access single-player levels.

In the game’s single-player mode, players complete level-based missions against computer-controlled opponents. Each mission is available to play three times, each time with gameplay variations, and players earn up to three stars on each stage, and on each gameplay type, depending on their performance. Players can open locked crates on the map as they collect these stars in bulk.

In terms of modes, the basic “normal” mode utilizes the rules above, while the Power mode eliminates elemental affinities and instead relies solely on the strength digits of each card. Here, an Overcharge meter is activated after players play each card, which can help them add more points to those cards if they tap and land on a high number on the wheel. Finally, Epic mode follows the same standard rules as Power mode, but with negative numbers on the Overcharge dials and players being given randomized cards to deal.

For additional social features, players can chat using emoticons while battling other players.

Mighty Smighties will be available to download for free on the iTunes App Store this week.