Here’s What You Can Learn From The Top 25 S&P 500 Brands on Social

While having a presence is necessary, it’s clear from the top 25 that presence alone isn’t enough.

When it comes to branded content, social media is a difficult place to master. A new social scorecard from Shareablee details the top 25 brands in the S&P 500, and offers best practices for capturing social actions.

By far the most popular brand on the list is The Walt Disney Company. During the month of January there were 294.8 million social actions on 102,376 pieces of content, and maintained 785.9 million followers across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

However, other companies managed to generate significantly higher engagement per post rates. For Victoria’s Secret parent company L Brands, there was an average of 50,003 actions per post on only 791 posts. On posts from Facebook Inc posts, there was an average of 48,694 actions and 20,979 on posts from Nike. Disney’s posts only generated 2,880 actions on average.

While having a presence is necessary, it’s clear from the top 25 that presence alone isn’t enough. Yahoo!, despite creating more than 28,000 posts, only managed to generate 291 actions per post, on average. Shareablee suggest three best practices for success:

  1. Social video dominates. Video accounted for nearly 44 million social actions on Disney’s pages; a 43 percent increase from just last month. Seven of the top 10 posts from Disney pages involved video.
  2. Emotion drives shares. We know the power of emotions on social, and top brands are quick to leverage that advantage. 21st century Fox engaged users most with emotional and funny content, such as American Idol audition videos.
  3. Take advantage of brand ambassadors and user-generated content. If users are engaging heavily with your content, it makes sense to use their content to reach even more people. Highly engaged brand advocates can spread marketing messages even further, and including user generated content gives users a real connection to brand posts.

To see the top 25, view Shareablee’s scorecard below.