Here’s What Happened When 2 Creatives Pitched Their Portfolios on Periscope

Live broadcast approach is already generating job leads

Tim Menko and Ingmar Larsen are 30-year-old ad creatives in Amsterdam who are looking for full-time gigs in their adopted hometown as well as freelance work around the world. So they turned to livestreaming app Periscope to drum up interest in their talents. 

Sounds like a shot in the dark, right?

Well, they issued a press release about their portfolio pitch on Feb. 15 and shared it via LinkedIn, Twitter and to their email contacts in the industry. (Menko's agency resume includes three years at Ichi in London, while Larson has worked at Silver + Partners in New York and 180 in Amsterdam.)

Menko and Larsen followed up their email invite with an email reminder the day of the broadcast, Feb. 16. Their efforts even garnered a bit of preview press. They then went live at 11:30 a.m. ET, which is at the end of the work day in the local market, showing off their respective past work for brands like Disney, Paramount Pictures, Heineken, HP, Asics and M&M. 

According to the duo, more than 100 people tuned in to the live presentation on their Periscope account (@MenkoLarsen) during the 35-minute presentation, with another 20 watching the replay during the 24 hours Periscope leaves clips online.

As far as Periscope audiences go, that's not a huge tally of viewers, but in this case the focus was on attracting the right kind of participants rather than a large number.

"It went really well," Menko told Adweek. "We got some great responses and are visiting three agencies in Amsterdam, plus a recruiter in London says he has got something for us and we have scheduled in a Skype meeting (with him). There was even an agency in Cape Town that would like to collaborate with us. Our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts have also seen a great boost in visitors and followers."

So, mission accomplished? Well, not quite yet. The plan is to do more Periscope pitches to get freelance work—whether or not they land Amsterdam day jobs. Menko said the next broadcast would likely be tailored to attract a big U.S. audience. 

"We want to show the world what we are capable of and to reach as many agencies as possible," he said. 

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