Here’s Wendy’s First Snapchat Post

Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger shots could win over millennials

Fans of the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger, rejoice. Wendy’s is bringing back the limited-edition burger that is credited with launching last year's pretzel mania, and the brand has launched a Snapchat account to take the buzz up a notch.

Wendy’s put up its first post—known as snaps on the photo-sharing app—today with a simple single line of copy announcing the burger’s return.

While Snapchat is still a relatively new option for most marketers, it appears that quick-serve restaurants are among the quickest to make use of the social-mobile app. And with the significant number of millennial users on Snapchat, marketers are making a hard push to hit the smartphone-toting crowd.

Taco Bell ran a series of campaigns this year that made use of Snapchat Stories—a feature that brands can use to add a bit of longevity to their messages—to introduce a new type of Doritos Locos Tacos. McDonald's similarly used Snapchat for a campaign to introduce a new product. 

“We aren't the first fast food company on the platform—our team is small and budgets aren't huge—so we ruthlessly prioritize," said Brandon Rhoten, Wendy's vp of digital. "Snapchat has now qualified for prioritization, though it will be a test-and-learn process.”