Here’s the Incredible Social Buzz Arby’s Has Created Around Jon Stewart’s Departure

7,926 tweets about chain within 13 hours of Daily Show ad

Headshot of Kristina Monllos

Sometimes it pays to laugh at yourself.

Last night, Arby's thanked Daily Show host Jon Stewart for all the mockery at its expense over the years with a 60-second spot during his penultimate episode as host of the show. It was a savvy, self-deprecating move and one that has paid of handsomely in social for the brand, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence data. 

The ad served as a way to send off Stewart by highlighting some of his best digs on the brand, but it also boosted Arby's brand perception. During the hour of The Daily Show's airing, tweets about Arby's spiked 564 percent, from 130 to 1,130. 

"Arby's approach mimics Stewart's—it is bold, funny, and irreverent, while speaking out as 'truth to power,'" said Ammiel Kamon, svp of products for Amobee Brand Intelligence. "What makes it particularly effective is the timing of the moment and their understanding the tone and tenor of what the audience is actually seeking at this time." 

The ad had staying power on social, too—in the 13 hours following its airing, there were 7,926 tweets around Arby's, and 3,240 of those were positive, compared with 909 negative tweets. That means tweets around the brand were 3.6 times more positive, which lifted brand sentiment and showed that fans appreciated its playfulness.

Arby's took advantage of the conversation and amplified its message with a promoted tweet. 

Digital consumption of the brand went up, too, increasing 292 percent in the day following the Jon Stewart spot, according to Amobee Brand Intelligence data. In all, 75 percent of all Arby's digital consumption yesterday and today has been Jon Stewart related. 

@KristinaMonllos Kristina Monllos is a senior editor for Adweek.