Here’s How Much Engagement Holiday Retailers Are Getting in Social Media So Far

Lowe's, Nordstrom and Old Navy are faring well

Since Nov. 1, Origami Logic has been tracking 125 brands across Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to gauge the level of engagement holiday-focused marketers are achieving.

The company, which offers marketing software and services, found that the brands it's tracking had generated nearly 1.2 million engagements from 805 posts through Cyber Monday.

Standout holiday retailers so far include Nordstrom, Lowe's and Old Navy.

Check out Origami Logic's charts below for an intriguing look at how companies are doing on social media.

(The term "engagement" represents likes, comments, shares, favorites, replies and retweets in social channels. More granularly, "applause" is the sum of likes and favorites, "conversations" represents comments and replies, and "amplifications" is the total of shares and retweets.)

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