Here’s How Buzzy the Super Bowl’s First Half Ads Were in 7 U.S. Cities

Doritos did great everywhere but San Diego

Chicagoans seemed to love Mountain Dew's #puppymonkeybaby Super Bowl ad, while Californians apparently thought Skittles' Big Game spot was cool, according to Geofeedia. The tech vendor also said Doritos' commercial was a hit just about everywhere, except for San Diego. 

Geofeedia shared exclusive, location-based social data with Adweek to show that some commercials generate more buzz in different U.S. markets. It pulled stats for the seven cities below and ranked how brands were performing in each market.

The outcomes represent 140,000 geo-tagged posts across Instagram, Twitter, Sina Weibo, Periscope, Vine, YouTube and VK.

Check out the results below:

New York

1. Doritos

2. Mountain Dew

3. Audi

4. PayPal

5. Pokemon

Los Angeles

1. Mini (BMW)

2. Audi

3. Doritos

4. Skittles

5. PayPal


1. Mountain Dew

2. Mini (BMW)

3. Doritos

4. Skittles

5. Toyota


1. Doritos

2. Taco Bell 

3. Bud Light

4. Skittles

5. Hyundai


1. Acura

2. Honda

3. Audi

4. LG

5. Doritos

San Diego

1. Toyota

2. Skittles

3. Acura

4. Honda

5. Audi

San Jose, California

1. Doritos

2. Mini

3. Skittles

4. Marmot

5. Pokemon