Here’s A Video Of Lindsey Graham Destroying His Flip Phone

It probably blew up anyway after Donald Trump gave out his phone number.

Donald Trump, in his continuing efforts to become president, thought it would be a stand-up, tough guy, executive level move to get back at fellow Republican candidate Lindsey Graham by giving out his private cell phone number to the public at large during a South Carolina stop on the campaign trail. No doubt, tons of people blew up his phone trying to see if the number was real. That would include a Politico reporter, who got Graham on the phone.

“When it comes to the Donald, nothing surprises me anymore. It’s just too bad, really,” the Senator told the site.

Trump’s stunt was in response to Graham repeatedly calling him a jackass. (Which is clearly a fair assessment.) Perhaps taking a page out of Trump’s playbook-everything is a media opportunity-Graham made the video above, showing him destroying the flip phone that once owned the now divulged 202 number.

We’re going to give this clip an A for effort. Graham has been trying his darnedest to give the Donald the business, one of the few Republican candidates who’s standing up to the blowhard tactics (beyond comments in response to Trump’s awful attack on Sen. John McCain). Rather than cower or go the tit-for-tat route, Graham used the prank as a chance to make another statement about Donald Trump, take a stab at going viral and show that he has a sense of humor, something that can go a long way in politics.

He needs to do something, after all, since it looks like he might not get the exposure from participating in an August 6 debate because his polling numbers are too low.

“If my numbers go up, it’s because I call Donald Trump a jackass. That’s not why I want a rise in polls,” he told the New York Daily News.