Here Is the Life of a Digital Ad [Infographic]

A handy cheat-sheet for real-time bidding

Industry folks who want to get their heads around what the programmatic advertising space looks like should check out Adweek's Nov. 4 issue. In print and online, it's going to be chock-full of explainer articles that detail how the emerging digital marketplace works, as well as nearly everything an ad exec needs to know about real-time bidding in general.

For now, the digital marketing tech firm Turn has supplied us with an intriguing infographic that shows the many steps of both building and executing digital campaigns via ad exchanges. As most already realize, AOL, Google and other major publishers are embracing programmatic platforms.

So for those who are in traditional advertising or even social media/branded content marketing, below provides a solid primer on how the machines in digital display's ecosystem come together to deliver targeted promos.