Here Is How To Advertise Yourself

Seen on craigslist: possibly the best ad for a freelance web developer ever seen.

It’s not work-safe, so we’ve hidden it behind a jump.

Is your website fucked up? (Web Hell)

I help folks de-fuck their websites. Some of the fucked up shit people ask/beg/pray for me to help them with includes:

# Dealing with their fucked up commerce shit that doesn’t work and never has, damn it

# Getting the fuck rid of that hideous fucking design your cousin’s neighbor did five fucking years ago

# Adding tools so you can manage all of the fucking content that has built up over the years

# Adding a fucking blog or a god-damn photo gallery or even a fucking christ-forsaken “contact us” form

# Moving sites to a new server that isn’t so fucking slow

I’m not the cheapest guy out there, but chances are I can de-fuck your shit pretty quickly. And remember: The #1 leading cause of a fucked up website is that it was built by some fucking idiot who had no idea how to make anything fucking work. Remember that guy? He was cheap, and his shit didn’t work. So, fuck that fuck. Drop me a line and let’s start de-fucking your fucked up shit today! Or just pick up the fucking phone and call [redacted] and we’ll talk shit.

Fuck yeah we will.

Peace, bitches.

PS: No, this is not a fucking joke. Yes, I am a real fucking person.

Awesome? Yes. Will we be trying it? Probably not. But it is getting this guy tons of attention, we’re sure.