Here Are the Top 25 Tumblr Posts Sponsored by Brands in 2015

Headshot of Christopher Heine

With 550 million monthly users, Tumblr is one of the more interesting ad platforms in the social-media space. It's a chief destination for brands that want to target young, creative-minded adults with GIFs, videos and photos. 

Today, the New York-based tech company is revealing its 25 top-performing Sponsored Posts of 2015 for nonentertainment brands. Tumblr charges a cost-per-engagement (CPE) and cost-per-thousand (CPM) rates for Sponsored Posts, and targeting options entail gender, location and interests. 

Automotive and tourism marketers in particular are well represented on the list, which ranks the ads according to the number of notes—a combination of likes and reblogs on the platform—they achieved. 

Check out Tumblr's top 25 below:

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.