Here Are the Details on All of the Updates to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator will be intergrated with Campaign Manager to help marketers improve targeting

LinkedIn is launching its Sales Navigator Application Platform - Credit by LinkedIn
Headshot of David Cohen

LinkedIn Tuesday announced several updates to its Sales Navigator customer lead-generation solution.

LinkedIn Sales Solutions head of products Doug Camplejohn announced the updates in a blog post.

LinkedIn will integrate Sales Navigator with its Campaign Manager, with Camplejohn saying that the goal is for marketers to be able to “precisely target the accounts and leads their sales team is pursuing.”

According to Camplejohn, marketers using LinkedIn Campaign Manager will see two new ad groups: Sales Navigator Leads and Sales Navigator Accounts.

Marketers will still retain control over campaign elements such as creative, budget and timing, and they will gain the ability to market directly to leads and/or companies that their sales representatives have been pursuing on LinkedIn.

Lookalike modeling will also be an option for marketers, allowing them to target “new audiences who behave like their current prospects and customers,” and Camplejohn added that the two new ad groups will update daily, and that this type of targeting will become “even more precise.”

Sales Navigator will also enable sales reps to see how prospects are interacting with their companies’ marketing campaigns, and those reps will receive alerts when any of the accounts they have saved engage with their companies’ sponsored content on the professional network.

The integration is currently available to pilot customers, with a full rollout slated for early 2018.

Camplejohn also announced the launch of LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator Application Platform, with the goal of enabling salespeople to integrate the tools and apps they use with Sales Navigator and to tap into insights from the professional network throughout the sales process.

He provided an example of how this integration could benefit salespeople: “Let’s say you’re on a video call. You will be able to mouse over your prospect’s name and see relevant information from their LinkedIn profile, which can help add context to the conversation. From there, you can use the Sales Navigator integration within one of the many sales acceleration tools to help you send more effective and personalized emails. When the prospect is ready to close, you can use an e-signature solution to not only close the deal but also to verify, in Sales Navigator, that the one signing the deal was included as a decision maker. Finally, as a sales manager, you’ll be able to do advanced reporting on Sales Navigator usage metrics to set goals, share best practices and track how Sales Navigator usage aligns to business outcomes from your (customer-relationship-management tool).”

Several of the SNAP partner integrations are currently available, and others will launch soon. Camplejohn said those seeking more information on SNAP or interested in becoming partners on the platform should click here.

On the data front, LinkedIn Enterprise Edition will gain access to LinkedIn Data Validation in the first half of 2018.

The new offering will enhance the quality of data from marketers’ CRM systems and provide “actionable insights,” and Camplejohn said its first feature will be a flag that alerts marketers when their leads or contacts have left the companies they are mapped to in their CRM systems.

He wrote, “Sales reps and leaders can use this real-time intelligence to understand whether they have to bring a new contact into their deals, or if they can leverage existing relationships to pursue new business.”

LinkedIn acquired sales-productivity tool developer Heighten earlier this year, and Camplejohn said that company’s DealBook feature will be integrated into Sales Navigator in the first half of next year, giving managers full visibility into “the key activities around a deal.”

He wrote, “With DealBook, reps and managers can easily view deals, identify the buying circle and edit deal information directly in Sales Navigator, with key fields instantly synced back to your CRM. It will also flag important updates—say a key decision maker leaves the company—that could influence a deal outcome.”

Finally, Camplejohn detailed the redesign of Sales Navigator’s navigation bar, which is currently being rolled out:

  • Guided Search enables marketers to locate people and companies that they can potentially do businesses with.
  • Saved Searches and Company search “are front and center.”
  • The new Discover tab “will proactively suggest new people and companies that fit your ideal buyer profile.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.