Here Are the Instagram Emojis That Get the Best Engagement for Brands

Hearts trump all others on platform

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Simply Measured studied 2,500 Instagram posts by global brands from the Interbrand 100 list and found that the emoji known as "love heart" performs better than all other emojis on the platform by a wide margin, averaging more than 120,000 likes and comments per post. The next two emojis in terms of brand engagement are "sparkles," which averages 80,000 likes and comments, and "artist palette" with roughly 50,000 likes and comments, according to the Seattle-based data company.  

Check out Simply Measured's graphic below showing how well other emojis work for marketers like IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, GE, Samsung and McDonald's:

The most popular emoji, according to Simply Measured's research, was "camera," which appeared 85 times in the 2,500 posts—though it didn't generate much engagement compared with the heart, which was also the second most used by brands (55 times).

Here are six other interesting stats from the study called 2015 Instagram Industry Report:

  • 90 percent of the companies on the Interbrand 100 list have Instagram accounts.
  • 35 percent of brands used emojis in their captions.
  • 82 percent have posted to their account in the past 30 days.
  • 80 percent post at least one Instagram photo or video per week.
  • The number of brands that post more than 50 times per month has risen from seven to 14 in the past year.
  • One-third of the companies post to Instagram 10 to 20 times a month.

Meanwhile, Simply Measured's data comes on the heels of Twitter revealing its top emojis of 2015 yesterday. The "face with tears of joy" emoji was the most popular this year, with 6.6 billion appearances on Twitter. Click here to see the rest of its most-used emojis.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.