Here Are the Ads That Won The Super Bowl on Facebook

Overall engagement down from last year

While Facebook had a rough night with its Sports Stadium feature, brands on the 1.5 billion user-strong social network still scored during the Big Game, with Hyundai leading the way.

The automaker aired four Super Bowl ads. "The Chase" came out on top on Facebook, garnering more than 14 million views Sunday night, according to Pixability. Helen Mirren's anti-drunk driving spot for Budweiser was right behind it with more than 13 million views but was the most-shared commercial on Facebook with more than 81,000 shares.

There was a steep drop-off after those two ads: Jim Gaffigan's debut as Colonel Sanders for KFC (which was actually a pregame spot) drew 6.6 million views, followed by Death Wish Coffee Co. (Intuit) with 6.3 million.

In terms of total views and engagement—which includes total likes plus comments plus shares plus tweets—Jeep found success with its "Portraits" spot (Adweek's top Super Bowl ad), with a 14 percent engagement rate. Prius' "Heck on Wheels" spot was second with a 12 percent engagement rate, with Jeep also taking the third spot for its "4x4ever" commercial, which had an 11 percent engagement rate.

Elsewhere, the most-commented commercial was Mountain Dew's "Puppymonkeybaby" spot with nearly 16,000 comments. Among the film trailers that debuted during the game, 20th Century Fox's X-Men: Apocalypse and Matt Damon's return to the Jason Bourne franchise fared best. Each was among the top 10 in shares, comments and engagement, with X-Men nabbing fourth for engagement rate (10 percent).

Video data was collected from the time a brand uploaded official video ad content to the end of the game (10:30 p.m. ET). This year, marketers tailored their campaigns for Facebook's news feed.

Overall, Facebook had 60 million active users generating 200 million posts, comments and likes during the game, a drop from last year's record performance (65 million users, 265 million posts, comments and likes). Denver Broncos players Peyton Manning and Von Miller, and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton were the top three players on Facebook.

While most people preferred Beyoncé to Coldplay during the halftime show, Coldplay's set attracted more conversation on Facebook with 9.3 million interactions from 6 million people. Beyoncé drew 8.8 million interactions from 5.2 million users. The ending with the two, along with Bruno Mars, was the most social moment on Facebook during the entire Super Bowl broadcast, with Lady Gaga singing the national anthem ranking third.

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