Here Are 7 Eye-Catching Branded GIFs From Super Bowl 50

Marketers love the inexpensive social execution

Doritos' GIF was fun.

GIFs are no longer just something that culture-forward or tech-savvy brands use—they're about as ubiquitous as photos or videos. With that in mind, dozens of brands were using GIFs everywhere last night during the Super Bowl.

For the last few years, GIFs were more of a blip on the radar during the Big Game, but it looks like they'll be increasingly used during such buzzy television events for the foreseeable future. Consumers love them because they are brief and shareable. They're cheap to make, representing an easy way to repurpose often-expensive TV spots—so budget-conscious marketers certainly approve.

They also received a big boost when Heat teamed up with Madden and Google to create a real-time Giferator, garnering the San Francisco agency multiple Cannes Lions awards in 2015. It probably won't be the last time marketers gain distinction for their GIF work. 

Were there any winning efforts in the game last night? While beauty is in the eye of the proverbial beholder, here's a sampling of seven branded GIFs that grabbed our attention during the Big Game:

LG's Futuristic Coin-Flip

Butterfinger Gets Its Groove On

Coca-Cola's Mini Marvel Cans Are No Match For The Hulk

Cricket Wireless Crushes on Beyonce

Axe Touts Its Treadmill Moves 

Mountain Dew Proves #PuppyMonkeyBaby Can Do More Than Dance

Doritos Shows Its Pull Is More Powerful Than An Ultrasound