Here Are the 4 Buzziest Moments From Olympics Day 5

A basketball record-breaker and a British diving first

Team USA basketball, British diving and Michael Phelps lit up social media on Wednesday, according to analytics company 4C, which is breaking down the top moments for Adweek every day through the games.

4C's stats crunch retweets, comments and likes to determine which events generated the most engagement. Take a look at Wednesday's four buzziest moments below.

4. Carmelo Anthony takes the lead

After scoring 276 points, Team USA and New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony passed LeBron James' previous record as the all-time leading scorer in Olympic men's basketball.

Finishing with an all-time total of 293 points, Anthony helped the U.S. defeat Australia in a 98-88-point win on Wednesday. His career victory netted 267,665 social engagements.

3. Great Britain locks in first gymnastics medal

Britain's Max Whitlock took home the country's first Olympics medal in 108 years in the all-around gymnastics competition.

Whitlock's bronze medal lit up social media with 323,036 interactions, per 4C's findings. Japan's Kohei Uchimura and Ukraine's Oleg Verniaiev placed first and second, respectively.

2. Phelps takes the podium

On Tuesday, Phelps won his 20th and 21st gold medals. His acceptance of his 21st medal on Wednesday spurred 325,792 engagements on social media.

Separately, Phelps posted about seeing his son and family in the stands, which generated 236,045 engagements, while a photo of himself that the Internet dubbed #PhelpsFace went viral.

1. All eyes on Britain

Max Whitlock wasn't the only Brit blowing up social media yesterday. Great Britain's Chris Mears and Jack Laugher won the country's first Olympic diving gold medal for their performance in the three-meter synchronized springboard diving event.

The event made a huge splash on social media, with 361,145 engagements.