3 Revealing GIF-Powered Data Points About the Current State of Marketing

Salesforce surveyed 4,000 industry players

Salesforce recently surveyed 4,000 marketers to get a read on the branding and advertising world's biggest concerns, priorities and challenges going into the second quarter of 2016. From the 73-page report, which is called State of Marketing, we found the following three data points—brought to life by GIFs—to be especially compelling: 

1. Data drives sales

According to Salesforce, its extensive surveying proves something sophisticated brand-minded players have always held true: that winning marketers nowadays are driven to success by a wealth of data. 


2. Long-game strategy

Roughly 66 percent of marketers said they play the long game. Considering the breadth of Salesforce's study, the players who responded in such a fashion were clearly not only from the ultimate lead-gen niche—automotive—but also from other sectors. (On that note, look for a piece on Monday in Adweek magazine and Adweek.com in which brands from Macy's and Abercrombie & Fitch to Mercedes-Benz talk about the importance of focusing on the journey when it comes to social media and sales.)

3. Email is trending

A study from Epsilon last week showed that millennials were receptive to emails from retailers like never before. This stat from Salesforce shows that marketers already knew that.