Here Are the 10 Most-Viewed 360-Degree Facebook Videos by Brands

NatGeo is nailing it (again)

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Facebook's 360-degree videos have been around for about eight months, and marketers have been diving into the medium ever since. And today, the social giant released the top 10 performing videos so far—just as the industry is gathering at the Digital Content NewFronts, where marketers have talked a lot about the potential of 360-degree footage.

The buzziest immersive clips have typically taken viewers to places they'd not likely go—for instance, National Geographic appears three times on the list thanks to the far-flung locations it uses to shoot its content. Across brands, the videos generally range from 30 seconds to two minutes long and often touch on people's passion points such as sports and entertainment. 

Here are the videos, listed according to the views they've received—click on the images to watch each clip. (And please excuse the pictures' blurriness, as 360-degree videos are difficult to screen grab).

10. Honoring a legend

FC Barcelona's tribute to Johan Cruyff, a legendary soccer coach who died last month, received 5 million views. In the video, the team's players trot out to the pitch in his honor. 

9. African waters

NatGeo is known for strong social media work on Instagram and beyond. In this case, the publisher employed a drone over the breathtaking Victoria Falls at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It got 6 million views.

8. Natural battle 

NatGeo, this time, highlighted a battle where a bear took on a salmon on a gorgeous lake in Kamchatka, Russia. More than 6.8 million people watched

7. More Russian love

NatGeo shows up again—and again in Russia—taking digital onlookers on a 360-degree helicopter ride to see Klyuchevskoy, which is one of the world's tallest active volcanoes and located in the Kamchatka Peninsula. More than 7.2 million views ensued.

6. Liverpool fans unite

Another soccer post earns a top 10 ranking: Liverpool FC's crowd singing the team's anthem, "You'll Never Walk Alone," picked up 8 million views.

5. Oh, Derek

Zoolander 2's trailer got 8.6 million views, as comedian Ben Stiller reintroduced the world to his spoofy male model creation, Derek Zoolander. 

4. Deadpool rules

Another film rocked 360-degree video on Facebook, as the trailer for Deadpool got 11 million views.

3. GOT 360

There's no stopping the popularity of HBO;s Game of Thrones, and its opening credits clip generated 12 million views.

2. Big in Brazil

Brazilian singer Ivete Sangalo's video for her hit tune "Farol" got 18 million views. The 43-year-old songstress has 12.5 million fans on Facebook.

1. Winter wonderland

ABC News' tour of Times Square during New York City's record-breaking blizzard in January drew 18.3 million views. Enjoy it by clicking below.


@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.