Here Are 10 Intriguing Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Lots of great soccer data, but more than just that

The Women's World Cup recently dominated digital and real-life discussions, as the U.S. women's team thrilled fans, winning the title Sunday and bringing home the World Cup trophy. So, our top 10 data points from the last week include a healthy dose of soccer-related stats. But, we are compelled to lead with a number that helps sum up the unusual story surrounding Reddit in the last few days.

1. More than 203,000 people have signed a petition to get Reddit CEO Ellen Pao to step down after controversy erupted last week about the firing of the website's wildly popular director of talent, Victoria Taylor. The site has been in disarray for close to a week, with hundreds of subreddits being closed off from the public. Yesterday, Pao issued an apology, but it's unclear whether her statements will make the problem go away.

2. According to Amobee Brand Intelligence's comparative data, Nike's sponsorship of the U.S. Women's National Team resulted in its being 121 percent more associated with the Women's World Cup than tournament sponsor, Adidas, in content across 600,000 Web, mobile and social-media sites. 

3. With the scandals surrounding FIFA president Sepp Blatter, the soccer organization's brand received a much-needed boost of positivity during the World Cup. There were 9 billion tweet-based impressions around the FIFA Women's World Cup, according to Twitter. 

4. What's more, FIFA's YouTube channel absolutely smashed its all-time monthly views record during the women's tournament in June, drawing 28 million views versus the 19 million it got in the same month a year ago—during the men's FIFA World Cup. 

5. IBM got 1,000 sales and marketing staffers to promote its products and services on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and has achieved huge results. In one example, the company told Adweek, it launched a business-to-business appeal called #NewWayToWork, which accrued 120 million digital impressions and drove 141,000 clicks to campaign content thanks largely to the employees sharing content through Dynamic Signal's VoiceStorm software. 

6. A whopping 26 percent of millennials fake birthdays to get better deals online. Actually, that's the kind of thing that makes the Internet awesome, right? Mindshare North America's retail arm, Shop+, analyzed more than 1,000 responses to understand how 18- to 34-year-olds shop to suss out that data point.

7. Also, Shop+ learned Gen Y folks don't stop there with their frugally minded tactics. Thirty-six percent of them—compared with 24 percent of all adults—share an Amazon Prime account, which costs $99 a year, to receive free shipping.

8. YP has quietly become an effective player in the mobile-search market. For instance, Google controls 46 percent of mobile-search money, followed by Microsoft (Bing) with 11.3 percent. Twitter and Yahoo combine to own 17.8 percent of the market. All other search players combined make up the remaining 17.7 percent. What's YP's take? It gets 7.2 percent of the market, which is nothing to sneeze at if you are the old phone-book brand. (Read our feature on YP's growing digital-ad business here.)

9. In the few days after the Supreme Court ruled that marriage equality was the law of the land, Facebook said 26 million people changed their profile picture and used the social platform's rainbow filter to show their support for the LGBT community. 

10. According to a Yahoo study that surveyed 620 fathers, 50 percent of dads feel like ads rarely target them. These guys must not ever visit Zappos or other shoe retailers if that's the case (#retargetinggonemad). 

Bonus stat: BuzzFeed created an entertaining video in which real Italian grandmothers try Olive Garden for the first time. The digital-media company published it on YouTube on July 3, and it's gotten 1.2 million views so far and seems to be picking up speed. Somewhat surprisingly, a couple of the grandmothers go easy on the restaurant chain. Check it out below: